What We Do

What We Do

Freedom Houses are 12-step based sober living homes to assist those leaving substance abuse treatment to transition into day-to-day living without the use of drugs and/or alcohol. We provide long-term transitional living services in a safe, secure, and healthy family environment. We are designed to assist small groups of committed people seeking recovery from the disease of addiction and provide sober living for women and men. Our program's 12-step philosophy helps men and women to discover the joys and rewards that await them in recovery.

About Us

Freedom Houses sober living was founded on inspirational beliefs in regards to helping other Alcoholics and Addicts seeking recovery from substance abuse. Our goal is to see our residents take healthy pride in their own made recovery from substance abuse. In our views, we optimistically believe in people that have hit rock bottom time and time again. Therefore, We do not give up on the still suffering Alcoholic/Addict because not so long ago, we were right there in their shoes mentally, physically, and also spiritually bankrupt. In addition, we want to nurture the new residents post-treatment while not enabling them so that they may know that they are still loved, and the helping hand which was lent to us is now lent to them when they need it the most. Freedom Houses has premier sober living homes in Tri Cities, Tennessee. Our guests must work on their recovery program while building meaningful relationships with other people who also work towards sobriety. It can be confusing to leave behind addiction and start life as a new person. Still, at Freedom Houses sober living homes, we want each one of the clients that come through here to succeed by offering them stability and a healthy dwelling environment for these first days out into the world after completing addiction treatment or voluntarily choosing abstinence from drugs and alcohol.


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